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What the Constitution Means to Me
by Heidi Schreck

Assistant director to Marc Masterson

City Theatre

Pittsburgh, PA 

January 2023

Playwright Heidi Schreck earned her college tuition and developed a deep love of the Constitution by winning debate competitions around the country as a teenager. All grown-up, her hilarious and optimistic new play reimagines how this living document served four different generations of women and what it will mean for the future of America.

Painting Lessons.png


by Jasmine Roth

New Hazlett Theatre

Pittsburgh, PA
March 2023 

J struggles to accept her father’s death when so much of their relationship feels unresolved. The journey of grief leads her to a metaphysical cactus garden, where she encounters her father and can finally ask him to teach her to paint, but will what she discovers in the garden help her to let go? 

Commissioned by the New Hazlett Theatre

Carnegie Mellon University’s GSA/Provost GuSH Grant funding
was used to support this project

Developed in part at the Sable Project in Stockbridge, Vermont

A Doll's House.png

A Doll's House

by Henrik Ibsen, an adaptation by Jasmine Roth

Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama

An all new adapatation, bringing Isben's radical play into present day. 

This production is part of the Thesis rrequirement for the Master of Fine Arts in Directing from 

Carnegie Mellon University

in development

& the cult girls.png

Caesar & the Cult Girls 

by Jasmine Roth

with text from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar 

Five girls being raised in an extremist religious cult start reading Shakespeare's Julius Caesar just for fun. But when the play starts to mirror their own lives, they grapple with power, leadership and whether or not they'd kill Caesar. 

This play is looking for a home for development

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