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Painting Lessons:
A Fantasia with My Dying Father 

Written and directed by Jasmine Roth

J struggles to accept her father’s death when so much of their relationship feels unresolved. Hoping to hold on to one more minute with him, J dives into a metaphysical cactus garden where she meets her dad for the painting lessons and conversations they never got to have. Can they heal and paint together, or will the pain of losing a parent stand in the way of her finding herself?

"Painting Lessons was a creative, funny, moving, stirring evening of relatably out-there theatre about a time in life that is as close to death as we can get. I hope there is a long life for this piece of theatre and a long career for Jasmine Roth."

-Vanessa Reseland, Recital 

Commissioned by the New Hazlett Theatre Community Supported Art Series

March 2023


Developed in part at the Sable Project Artist Residency  

Supported by Carnegie Mellon University GuSH Funds

Scenic Design: Tucker Topel

Lighting Design: Hayley Brown

Sound Design: Bayley Brown

Media Design: Davine Byon

Dramaturg: Wendy Kuhn​

Script Consultant: Kristi Good

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director & choreographer
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