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You on the Moors Now

by Jaclyn Backhaus 


What would happen if Elizabeth Bennet, Cathy Earnshaw, Jane Eyre, and Jo March leaped out of their novels and ran away together?

These four famous literary heroines of the nineteenth century reject the marriage proposals from their suitors, and instead set out on an epic adventure to find themselves and see the world! But when this radical act ignites a war between the heroines and their gentlemen callers, everything you know from these novels is turned upside down in a battle royale. As the ensemble journeys through the moors, our heroines grapple with love, anger, ambition, grief, and gender expectations of the past and present.

Directed by Jasmine Roth

Union College, May-June 2024, Schenectady, NY

Scenic Design - Andrew Mannion

Lighting Design - Xotchil Musser

Costume Design - Brittney Belz

Fight Choreography - Joe Isenberg

director & choreographer
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