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What every girl should know

by Monica Byrne 

Something Something Theatre Company 


“it never stops mesmerizing, thanks to the insightful work of director Jasmine Roth. She put together a cast that embodies the innocence and struggles of young women: Ellie Boyles, Kate Cannon, Robin Carson and Christine Peterson. There was not a false moment among them.” 

-Kathleen Allen, Arizona Daily Star 

"Something Something Theatre gave us a penetrating version of What Every Girl Should Know"

-Sherilyn Forrester, Looking Back on the Plays of the Year 

"These actors—Ellie Boyles, Kate Cannon, Robin Carson and Christine Peterson—are fairly equally matched, and under Jasmine Roth's direction they all offer solid performances. It's a naked endeavor for any actor to embody a character, and here this ensemble is required to courageously embrace the vulnerability of the play's young women." 

-Sherilyn Forrester, Tucson Weekly

director & choreographer
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